Her Spirit Podcast

Mel C talks to Annie and Louise about life as a Spice Girl, her challenges in life, being kind to yourself and how you can achieve Your Best Year Yet

September 15, 2020 Her Spirit Season 2 Episode 24
Her Spirit Podcast
Mel C talks to Annie and Louise about life as a Spice Girl, her challenges in life, being kind to yourself and how you can achieve Your Best Year Yet
Show Notes

In this twenty third episode of the season of the Her Spirit podcast BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin and BBC Triathlon presenter Annie Emmerson talk to Mel C.

The start of Melanie’s career really needs no explanation at all, as it is rather well documented…

After the iconic 1996 debut single ‘Wannabe’ topped the charts in 37 countries, Spice Girls’ debut album ’Spice’ went on to sell more than 31 million copies worldwide, becoming the best-selling album of all time by a female group. The girls went on to sell more than 85 million records, releasing three studio albums, 13 singles and winning a host of awards including a BRIT for Outstanding Contribution to British Music.

Her struggles with depression and eating disorders are well-documented. They began in the midst of the Spice Girls' mind-boggling run of chart and media dominance in the late 90s. The band sold 31 million records, scored nine number one singles and upended music industry conventions about the viability of girl bands.

Merseyside-born Chisholm was the best dancer and strongest singer, but she was caricatured in the tabloid press as "the plain one at the back, who doesn't really do much".

She didn't recognise the person who was being portrayed in the media, amplifying her feelings of inadequacy. 

Her road to recovery began with therapy for clinical depression in the early 2000s. The arrival of her daughter in 2009 also marked a turning point.

"Being a mum was so liberating because for the first time in my adult life, it wasn't all about me," she says. "It made me not only realise I had a huge responsibility to her but I have a huge responsibility to myself. In being her teacher, I had to treat myself better."

Melanie talks openly about her struggles in life and how she is still work in progress. Her 5 tips to live "Your Best Year Yet" are very relatable for every woman.

Melanie is a lover of sport hence the name "Sporty Spice" and her aspirations to qualify as a GB age group triathlete.

These podcasts have been made possible through the support of Medichecks www.medichecks.com and Sport England www.sportengland.org

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